Brenton Brown - Our God Is Near


Our God Is Near


22 Mar 2011 (US), 06 Dec 2010 (UK)

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Everlasting God was one of the first Christian songs I really latched onto and Brenton Brown one of the first artists. Having said that, I have never actually got round to buying an album, just the odd track here-and-there so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

The first few tracks are reminiscent of a Vicky Beeching album, you know blatant Church music but with a twist that means it works outside the Church walls. Lyrically, it can feel a little repetitive if you listen too closely, but you need that for Church music so it's easy to look past.

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Brenton Brown To Release New Album 'Our God Is Near'

Brenton Brown To Release New Album 'Our God Is Near'

Worship leader Brenton Brown will release his third full length studio album 'Our God Is Near' on 15th November 2010. Best known for his song 'Everlasting God' which was one of the most performed songs in the USA during 2007…

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