7 Hills Worship - Volume One - EP


Volume One - EP


02 Mar 2018

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7 Hills Worship releases its 'Volume One EP'. The worship group is part of the 7 Hills Church, a community-focused church in Florence, KY, led by Pastor Marcus Mecum.

Explaining the story behind one of the songs on the first EP, Marcus wrote, "The song 'Record of Wrongs' came from a conversation with my nephew who was away from God. He wanted to turn to God but felt looking to God during trouble was inauthentic. I assured him that he didn't understand God as a loving father, He's always glad to hear from his sons and daughters for any reason. I...
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7 Hills Worship Releasing 'Volume One - EP'

7 Hills Worship Releasing 'Volume One - EP'

7 Hills Worship releases its 'Volume One EP' on 2nd March 2018, with a live recording for it's planned 'Volume Two' having already taken place earlier this month. 'Volume One' is available for pre-order on iTunes now, with an…

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