Martin Smith - Back To The Start


Back To The Start


21 Oct 2014

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Martin Smith is back in fine form following a period out of the spotlight after his band Delirious came to an end. In his native UK he reemerged as a solo singer with a series of new heartfelt worship anthems, slowly building a whole new momentum.

Most of that new creativity had gone unnoticed on the 'other' side of the Atlantic - that is until now. 'Back To The Start' brings Martin's latest collection of songs to the US market for the first time, following their airing back in Europe through his 'God's Great Dance Floor' Step 01 and Step 02...
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Martin Smith To Release 'Back To The Start' Album In US

Martin Smith To Release 'Back To The Start' Album In US

Martin Smith will release an album titled 'Back To The Start' on 21st October 2014 in the US, featuring a combination of songs taken from his two 'God's Great Dance Floor' solo albums, 'Step 01' and 'Step 02', previously released…

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