Jordan Colle Releases Singles 'Clarity' & 'Oh My Soul' Ahead of Album

Sep 09 2020

Jordan Colle, a Christian indie artist, has just released two singles, 'Clarity' and 'Oh My Soul', and releases his new album on September 18th.

"I’ve always been rebellious at heart", confesses Jordan. " I tend to enjoy (sometimes to a fault) the idea that things don't always have to be a certain way. Why would the God of the universe, who is insanely creative, want me to make exactly what the guy next to me made? Doesn’t add up. 
 I knew going into this album, I had 20 plus songs that I felt could be on the album. It came down to what all worked together to make the message come to life.

My journey as a songwriter has been weirdly short. I wrote with friends growing up but I never felt like I had “a gift” or felt it could be more than something fun to do. It wasn’t until I went to counseling and really dealt with some root issues in my life. Some of which were recent, some were from a long time ago. The Lord really put a fire in my heart to write, it became such a healing process for me. Over time, the gift grew and now it’s something that is such a vital part of my everyday life. 

I imagine and dream this album can be one where you roll the windows down, you’re heading to the beach or downtown and it brings you a little bit more joy. It completes the vibe. On the other hand, I pray it can speak to your soul, it can heal, it can give you a better understanding of who God is. 
 'May these songs be pavers, bridges and rivers that guide you back to the Mainland.'"

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