Shika Releases 'Keep It Moving'

Sep 09 2020

Shika's new single 'Keep It Moving' is an encouraging and upbeat song that will give any listener the motivation needed to stay pressing forward! This will be Shika’s first official song released under Rapture Ready Productions. For her first single, she thought it best to stick with the labels roots in CHH and have a feature from one of RRPs staple artist Hisname! The addition of Hisname’s modern and distinct flow along with Shika’s melodic Gospel cadence gives life to every lyric while encouraging all to “Keep It Moving.”

“I’ve seen a lot of lows and a lot of obstacles in my lifetime but, in all of them, I’ve found the only way out is to keep moving forward. This song is a living testimony of my perseverance and I’m praying through this song many will be encouraged to Keep It Moving!”

Those who love stories of overcoming, perseverance, and resilience would be great admirers of the story of Shika. With every lyric, Shika takes us into candid moments of her life’s journey that shows the power of the Almighty God.

From the very beginning, Shika was groomed to sing the praises of God. Walking into adulthood, she accepted the calling on her life to spread the gospel via song and formed the Gospel duo, Faith Squared, with her biological sister. For four years, Shika toured nationally and internationally ministering at numerous festivals, concerts, conferences, and outreaches. Also, she has shared multiple stages with several nationally acclaimed Gospel artists, all while faithfully serving churches every Sunday in the Baton Rouge area.

As events occurred in Shika’s life that altered the trajectory she made for herself, God used those same events to get her back on track. This worship leader is on the journey with Rapture Ready Productions to take the gift God has given her to the next level in ministry. Shika will encourage you to “keep it moving” with God through all of life’s obstacles.

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