Local Sound Releases New Single 'No One Like You'

Aug 15 2020

Local Sound are known for their overflowing creativity and fresh approach to songwriting when it comes to worship. Their new single 'No One Like You' expresses both aspects with lyrics that are as relatable to as they are profound, and a pop soundscape mixing reverence and energy.

I saw that there were rules, that if I broke them
You’d be sorry about Your invitation
Every time You proved me wrong
You were always there waiting with open arms

The Nashville-based band are heavily involved and rooted in local church ministry. 'No One Like You' continues their bold exploration of multi-faceted worship as well as Local Sound's passion to forge the culture of the Kingdom.

This is priceless, none can match this
What we have is once in a lifetime
I’m gonna fight to protect it
Nothing better, no love sweeter
What we have is once in a lifetime
I’m gonna fight to protect it

"Local Sound is a movement born from within the Nashville-based college ministry, MyLocal. We know our identity is found in the hope of Jesus Christ and as key holders to the kingdom of heaven we do whatever it takes to bring people to Jesus by glorifying God with all that we have. Simply put, we are culture creators. The "Local" within Local Sound speaks to the roots of who we are and why we do what we do. We fully back God's dream of "The Local Church" and we believe that God, the original culture creator, has designed the local church as plan "A" - to immerse the world in His culture.

We were never intended to be the products of temporary culture. We were made to be distributors of an eternal one. Our "Sound" is a reflection of our heart and our passion to unite the word of God with high energy, innovative music that reaches the world. We believe we have been called to spread the gospel through relevant and inspiring message-driven songs that express the joy found in a life fully devoted to Christ and the realization of the deep love that the Shepherd has for us."

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