Samuel Day Releasing New Single 'Rise'

Jul 31 2020

Samuel Day and Reclaim Publishing are excited to announce the release of the brand new single, 'Rise', on July 31. 'Rise' is the rallying new anthem from Samuel Day, blending fresh vocals with waves of harmonies, pulsing production elements, and emotional touches of piano and strings. The track gives stunning teeth to Day’s sound, borrowing occasional textures from the hip-hop and EDM worlds, but remaining firmly grounded in a modern sensibility. In short; it’s bold, it's encouraging, and it’s a ton of fun.

"Have you ever felt underestimated? Cast aside? Dismissed? I know I have. But I’m determined to hang on to the greatness God made me for, with all the grit and tenacity that takes, knowing that my strength is in Christ. So no matter what they think about me, I’m going to Rise." -Samuel Day

Whether he is turning out catchy pop jams, throbbing rock anthems, or heartfelt worship, there's not a musical space where Samuel Day won't make waves as he continues moving onward and upward.

Hailing from Southwestern Ohio, Day spent his college years as a music major playing everything from jazz to classical music while working with and producing groups ranging from funk and hip hop to hard rock. Despite spending significant time as a producer and mixing engineer for other artists, he continually maintained a dream to see his own music become a reality.

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