Video: Timothy Davis
Run To You

Jul 16 2020

Timothy Davis, an evangelist, worship leader, songwriter and musician, has released 'Run To You' - check out the official music video!

We all have gone through loss of some type or another at some point in our lives that knocks us down causing us to lose hope, precious time and tears. It would be easy to just turn to depression or hopelessness and I can surely relate. But, God wants us to run to Him and not away from Him when we go through that pain and disappointment. If you will trust God, He will be with you and bring you through everything you face.This music video shows what I chose to do and how God gives us hope and a destiny when all seems lost. He knows what you are going to face before you do and made a way out. So, God is never surprised by our circumstances. If you still have breath in your body, He is not finished with your life.

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