Sidewalk Prophets Release New Album 'The Things That Got Us Here'

Jul 03 2020

Sidewalk Prophets have released their new album 'The Things That Got Us Here'. If you've ever chased a dream and caught it by the tail only to realize that the tail was actually just the beginning of a longer, more difficult and rewarding journey, then you already have been acquainted with "The Things That Got Us Here."

"After five long years, we're ready to let this project out into the wild", says the band. "We have one request for those who choose to listen to this project. We only ask that you find a quiet place, go on a long drive, or put on some headphones and truly LISTEN to the album from start to finish. If you make the time to pay close attention, to truly listen, you will begin to hear that amidst each individual song there is a greater story being told. This is the story of our lives.

But it's not just the story of our lives, it's the story of your life too. If you've come to an SWP show or bought an album, shared the music or made a donation to keep us on the road, then you are a part of this family. This is a "Great Big Family" that is fueled by faith and driven by love. Thanks for being a part of the journey with us."

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