Emma Mould Releases 'Journey Home' Ahead of New Album

Jul 07 2020

Emma Mould, a singer, songwriter, musician from Manchester UK, has released 'Journey Home', the third single to be released off her upcoming album 'Exquisite' set to drop in the Autumn.

"This song is a folk - soul - gospel number that tells the story of a woman in search for love, home, and God himself as she journeys from pain into promise", explains Emma.

"I wrote it at a time I was facing uncertainly and lack in my life, I read about the promise of heaven. I realised that the experiencing heaven can begin here on earth, and that we are to be certain that this earth and all that is in it is so temporary and will pass away, but one day all things will be made new.

This song especially invites the listener to join this journey of faith and hope and the promise of heaven."

An eclectic artist Emma plays mainly folk, folk rock, folk soul, gospel, blues, in her latest music releases.

She has recently been back in the studio to record a new 11 track album called “Exquisite” with Producer Dan Stirling.

Emma wrote the album “Exquisite” which is a series of love songs and spirituals, based around the subject of love letters between Eve and God.

It is an autobiographical collection of love/faith/spiritual songs, on the theme of Eve’s journey home from shame to redemption.

Many elements of the songs touch on the character of God in-between the lines of intimate love letters, which unravel the layers of shame off the woman, and emphasise the redemptive nature and irrevocable loyal love of God.

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