Philippa Hanna Releases New Single 'Oh the Power' Featuring Steph Macleod

Jun 12 2020

Philippa Hanna has released the third single from her forthcoming new album. 'Oh the Power', featuring Steph Macleod, is a song about freedom. Whatever in life has kept us locked up, whether addiction, fear, mental health issues, the past, or even the words and actions of others, we can find Freedom in Jesus.

Philippa revealed that she was "so thrilled to have the incredible Steph Macleod featuring on the record, as well an incredible choir led and arranged by Ayanna Grey (Kingdom Choir). This song fills me with renewed hope and confidence. I hope it does the same for all of you!"

Steph Macleod is a worship leader & singer-songwriter from Scotland and is the lead singer in Celtic Worship. He has been in full time ministry since releasing his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Light In The Darkest Of Nights’ in 2010. “I have a passion for God and for people. It’s my hope that the songs I write will bring them closer together.”

Steph is an advocate for Mental Health Awareness, is actively involved in prison ministry and invested into the recovery community. He shares the hope he found in Jesus Christ through testimony and song drawing inspiration from his own lived experience. Steph is committed to sharing the Gospel and the power of God’s saving grace.

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