Bright City Releases New Album 'Change'

May 31 2020

Bright City have released their new album ‘Change’. "On the 10th anniversary of our St Peter's Brighton church community, we met together to celebrate and worship Jesus", they explain.

"We looked back, thanked God for His faithfulness over the last ten years and looked forward to the next ten. 'Change' is the recording of that moment.

We believe that evening was a prophetic moment laying the ground for the next season in our city. Praise prepares the way of the Lord. The worshippers go out at the head of the army. The shout of praise goes up before the walls come down. And that night we lifted up a shout of praise in the heart of Brighton, that we believe has opened up a way for a move of God in our city.

These songs are our anthems, our honest prayers and the cry of our hearts. True worship always leads to change because of the One we worship. In all the changes you long to see God bring about, we hope this project encourages you."

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