Tori Harper Releases 'Selah' EP

Apr 26 2020

Franklin, TN-based singer/songwriter Tori Harper releases Selah to digital retailers and streaming outlets globally April 24 through Awaken Saint Records and The Fuel Music. The four-song EP is a musical outpouring of Harper’s personal journey over the last three years, and reflects the questions and honest cries of her heart to God.

Produced by Max Corwin (“The Wreck,” “Resurrect” and “Hiding Place”) and Tommy Iceland (“Closer”), Harper shares, “This project is all about showing how God can bring dead things back to life, how He can make something beautiful out of nothing, and how He can bring healing in the most unlikely situations.”

Written during a particularly tumultuous time during her young life, Harper reveals, “These songs came from finding God in the middle of the pain of breaking off my engagement in early 2019. My relationship had become toxic and I knew that God was leading me to break it off, but it was a hard pill to swallow. Even afterwards I had moments of doubt and wondered if I had the done the right thing.”

Opening Selah with her confessional “The Wreck,” Harper shares, “The Wreck’ is about trusting that God knows best, and that He is with us. He isn’t afraid of our questions.”

Where are you Lord? Where are you Lord?
In the middle of the mess
Lord show me how, to live faith out
In the middle of the wreck
In the middle of the wreck

(Lyrics from “The Wreck” chorus)

Chronicling her spiritual and emotional transformation, the EP continues with “Resurrect.” “I felt like I was so deep in despair that I was dead on the inside, but God is a resurrection God!” exclaims Harper. “If I can believe in all these other amazing miracles He did, then surely I can find the faith to believe that He can bring me back to life as well.”

With the song “Hiding Place” about “what it means to rest in God fully surrendered, allowing his healing to take place,” Selah closes with “Closer.” “God’s wisdom is perfect, His empathy is perfect,” proclaims Harper. “God alone can understand what we go through better than anyone else. God even takes this a step further. He doesn’t just listen and understand us to a perfect capacity, He also loves, heals and renews us!”

Developing a companion devotional book to Selah to release soon, Harper’s new EP follows her hit single “Revival” released last spring, and her acclaimed debut EP, Seasons.

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