Mother-Son Duo Dupree Releasing 'Everlasting Love (Remix)'

Feb 03 2020

DUPREE, a Christian contemporary mother-son duo comprised of Lauren & Dylan Dupree, release their new single 'Everlasting Love (Remix)' on January 31st. Their uplifting, feel-good music has elements of heavy pop, rock, harmonies and Dylan's impressive & soulful guitar riffs.

Lauren and her husband Brian welcomed Dylan in 1999. At the age of 4, Dylan got a drum kit for Christmas. He then started playing Lauren’s keyboard and singing. Left-handed like his parents, they gifted Dylan with his first left-handed guitar at the age of 7. Dylan and Lauren played music at church for many years. Before attending college, Dylan was invited to join the platinum-selling band LFO's 2017 reunion tour as lead guitarist.

After being accepted to Berklee College of Music, Dylan chose to stay home & study guitar in Orlando, while focusing on writing, recording, and producing music with Lauren. In 2019, they officially formed the duo DUPREE, and their ministry spreads the message of inclusion & belonging for all of God’s children, bringing everyone together through music.

'Everlasting Love' is a positive, upbeat song that conveys the message of God's infinite mercy and love for us in a fun way. The lyrics encourage those that need a message of hope & love to put their trust in God, because He truly does care for us. He will never let go & never lead us astray - we are totally safe in His everlasting love.

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