Blog: LTTM Awards 2019 - No. 2: Bethel Music - Victory

Jan 17 2020

Voted in at Number 2 in the LTTM Awards 2019 is the album 'Victory' from Bethel Music.

Title:Victory (Live)
Artist:Bethel Music
Released:25 Jan 2019

Marking the first Bethel Music Collective release in two years, VICTORY is now released. The 14 track collection stems from the personal journeys of Bethel Music, including miracles, a raging wildfire, a joy-filled adoption and battles with anxiety, fear and health. Josh Baldwin, Cory Asbury...
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Track Listing:
1. Raise A Hallelujah
2. Goodness Of God
3. Ain't No Grave
4. Stand In Your Love
5. Victory Is Yours
6. There Is A Name
7. Promises Never Fail
8. Praise Is The Highway
9. Drenched In Love
10. Every Crown
11. How Great A King
12. Christ Is Risen
13. Living Hope
14. Endless Alleluia

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