Ni-Cola Releases 'Good To Me'

Dec 23 2019

Manchester, UK, singer/songwriter Ni-Cola has just released her third single 'Good To Me'. With her final offering for 2019 the MOBO Nominated artist decides to go back to her traditional Gospel roots with her new single. Most people can identify with the fact that we often make mistakes in life and sometimes things don’t go as we plan, but often times we as humans make some really costly mistakes that cause us to run away from God rather than to Him. 'Good To Me', was written by Ni-Cola as the stark reminder that whether good times or bad, remembering just how good God has been to you personally is the good news of the Gospel message.

The song was produced by super producer Ian Copeland Green which is the first time these two have collaborated on a project together and delivers a fresh sound of British worship ahead of the Christmas season. This will definitely be a song for the churches to sing and add to their worship collection.

"It's been a busy year with lots of amazing goals achieved musically, but I wanted to end the year in true worship to God for all the incredible things He has done both in my life and across the world", explains Ni-Cola. "I am so happy to share my brand new release titled 'Good To Me', with the people who have supported my journey with my last single of the decade. Here's my special Christmas gift to you all.

I was recently involved in a car accident where it was literally only the true grace of God that I came out in one piece. I remember thinking in that moment, when surrounded by emergency services, that my own song just became my reality. In moments of pain and questioning I felt the goodness of God. I decided to return to my traditional Gospel roots with this one."

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