Aim High Releasing Dual EP 'Garnet Eyes/Severed Ties'

Jan 02 2020

Aim High, a Pop-punk/Alternative-core band out of Columbia, SC, releases their debut project, a 'Dual EP' titled 'Garnet Eyes//Severed Ties' on all platforms on Jan 10, 2020.

"The concept behind the 'Dual EP' thing is that our band has a multitude of sounds and we wanted to separate the sonically lighter 'pop-punky' material (Garnet Eyes) from the heavier, more "core" soundscapes (Severed Ties) " the band explains.

"We immerse ourselves in our music, and hope to jolt into the scene swinging by adding our own unique sound & style, we #AIMHIGH."

Aim High (est 2019) has shared the stage with the likes of: Blessthefall, Rarity, Palisades, Slaves, Never Loved, Young Culture, Brigades, Homesafe, Glass Houses, Auras, Harm and many more.

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