Angela Mahon Releasing New Single 'It's Christmas Eve'

Nov 26 2019

Angela Mahon releases her new Christmas single 'It's Christmas Eve' on Friday 13th December. Hot on the heels of her debut Heartfelt Christian Worship EP 'Towards the Light' Angela now brings us this big Christmas acoustic ballad. With her smooth, soaring vocals and the gentle piano, this is a song that will melt you and lead you in worship to the heart of Christ this Christmas!

The essence of the song is in the beautiful melodic chorus: "Open your Heart, Say that You care, When the Heavens Laid Everything Bare, On Christmas Eve, Two Thousand Years, So long Ago!"

A Contemporary Christian Music artist from Ireland, Angela Mahon the second eldest of nine siblings has been singing from a very young age. But after a turbulent conversion in her early twenties, she developed a desire to work in music ministry and to proclaim HIS Love among the nations through her Inspirational and heartfelt songs of worship.

Living by the sea in the south coast of Ireland, she is making musical waves with her soothing and warm vocals. Angela is involved in Music Ministry in her local churches and surrounding communities as Music Director, Church Cantor, and Music Teacher. She independently released her debut album Divine Friendship locally in 2017.

Angela’s life of music, song and deep faith is woven together with being a full time mother to five young children. She is married to Violinist Robert Mahon who also arranges the strings on her music and features with piano and violin on the tracks too. In 2009, Angela and Robert established the Kiltra School of Music, a music school for South Wexford. Angela loves being involved in music ministry and leading liturgical worship in her surrounding local churches. She has pioneered musical outreach programmes for the youth and rural communities of the South Wexford area. Having known life without Christ she now lives for Christ through her music, family and faith. It is Angela’s desire that others may find through the grace of God the deep beauty and richness of life that she has found living the art of Divine Providence from the Heart day by day in Christ.

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