Jenni Dufoort & Bonfire Music Release 'Pressing On'

Aug 20 2019

US singer/songwriter Jenni Dufoort and Netherlands based Bonfire Music have released a single titled 'Pressing On'. Bonfire Music is a home for worship leaders and singer-songwriters living in Europe. They believe that by joining forces people can make a lasting impact in their nations and beyond.

Jenni Dufoort was born and raised in Washington State, before leaving in 2006 for a life overseas. She lived for five years in the Republic of Georgia until 2011, when she moved to The Netherlands with her Belgian husband.

"I've been writing songs since I was about 13 years old", explains Jenni. "Through the years of insecurity and self-doubt, I struggled as an artist to bring my creations to the light of day. But in 2016 I decided it was time and sought out a producer to create my first album. And so “Light” was born. Ten songs written in my living room, out of the rawness and reality of what I was going through at that specific time, hopefully resonating enough with the listeners to spark them on to see life in a different light."

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