Ni-Cola Releasing New Single 'T.I.M.S. (This Is My Story)'

Jun 18 2019

Ni-Cola releases her new single 'T.I.M.S. (This Is My Story)' on 19th June 2019. Anyone that's graced the pew of a traditional church will recognise Ni-Cola's latest song. Based on the famously known hymn "Blessed Assurance", the narrative behind T.I.M.S (pronounced TIMS) was to remind us about the power of storytelling and in particular telling our own stories whether perceived as a “good news story” or something with a less happier ending.

The superwomen artwork links with the Mancunians tour title and the inspiration of being an everyday Superhero. Our stories speak of our time on earth, the various challenges, and celebrates our triumphs and victories, which help to lead others into their next chapter in this journey called life.

Ni-Cola says, 'I remember singing the original Hymn, written by the blind American songwriter Fanny Crosby, and loving the lyrics and melody and thought, imagine this being sung in the club or on the dance-floor. Since the beginning of time, the world has been discovered and rediscovered through the art of storytelling and captures our imaginations so effortlessly'. Ni-Cola explains, 'as a songwriter, I love to capture other peoples stories and weave them into my songs with my own interpretation.

Off the back of her recent Warrington based school tour, which promoted wellbeing and mental health awareness, the stories of human strength in the face of adversity continue to deliver food for thought. T.I.M.S is no different, the generations need to hear them, see them, and sing them.

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