Johnny Burroughs Releases New Single and Announces Debut Album

May 06 2019

Johnny Burroughs releases the first single, 'God is Love', from his debut album 'DAY 1'. Recorded at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, Colorado, with award winning engineer Colin Bricker, DAY 1 is an exploration into gospel music through the lens of hip hop, r&b, funk, soul and surprise influences like The Beach Boys. The first single 'God is Love' uses the strong backbeats of hip hop to support soul influenced vocals and modern r&b production.

The red-headed, preacher’s son seems an unlikely person to create gospel and r&b music. Having grown up playing contemporary worship music, Johnny Burroughs follows in the footsteps of legends like Sam Cooke, and Aretha Franklin, taking a step outside the walls of the contemporary church to expand the sound of gospel music into unexpected realms. Inside of the album he mixes all of his childhood influences, from 70’s soul/funk to 90’s hip hop, and his penchant for groove and open ended arrangements gives room for, what those in the church call, “the move of the spirit.” All of this can be heard within the lead single 'God is Love'.

Johnny Burroughs is already the lead singer and chief creative force in the high energy soul band The Burroughs, but DAY 1 marks his first foray as a solo artist. DAY 1 is set to be released May 24th.

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