Keasha Beard Releases 'Different' EP

Dec 11 2018

Seattle native, Keasha Beard, has released her 'Different' EP, packed with high energy beats and clever lyricism, and featuring first single 'Vibe'.

Emerging from a past of addiction and utter darkness, Keasha is heavily endorsing love and pushing peace through her music. Keasha reigns with a mission to impact the entire world through her transparent stories and vulnerable truths.

Keasha Beard’s first mixtape, 'Memoirs' of a Keasha, touched all over the United States, France, and Africa. She continued her momentum with her second release, 'Transform'. Her album, 'Soul Food', grabbed the attention of many with her catchy beats, soulful voice, and witty lyricism. Her most recent release, 'Different', is launching her into a successful career.

Keasha has had the privilege of opening up for Bizzle, Datin, and Jered Sanders. Keasha continues to seek growth in business while providing love and hope through her music.​​

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