Young Oceans To Release 'Songs of Christmas'

Dec 07 2018

Brooklyn, NY based group Young Oceans are releasing 'Songs of Christmas' on November 23rd, following the release of their recent live album and film 'AMONG THE RUINS'.

"We've been busy sharing our live record ‘AMONG THE RUINS’ with you all BUT we feel compelled to interrupt our normal programming with something much more timely" explained the group.

"For the last few months, the band and I have been co-producing 7 classic Christmas carols, Young Oceans style", revealed group member Eric. "It releases Friday, November 23rd. Much more to come on the why and the what of the album concept but today we invite you to PRE-SAVE the whole album to your Spotify or Apple Music library. By Pre-Saving you'll get a sneak peak of one of the singles 'Go Tell it on the Mountain'"

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