Lydia Laird Releases New Single 'I'll Be Okay'

Oct 26 2018

Nashville Christian Pop Singer/Songwriter Lydia Laird released her new single 'I'll Be Okay' on October 19th. The deeply personal song was written during a season of heartbreak, depression and fear-gripping anxiety.

"I remember when I first started writing this song... I was going through a very difficult heartbreak, and I was at a friends house during a party... I just couldn’t shake the heaviness my heart was dealing with, so I snuck away to my friends music room where she had an old piano", explains Lydia. "I sat down and started a kind of prayer as I wrote this song and asked the Lord for what I so desperately needed in such a dark time.

I didn’t end up finishing the song until later (with the help of some dear friends of mine) but I’ve come away from writing this song with such a beautiful truth nailed to my heart... When you are broken… In the middle of a storm, facing something that feels worse than death, etc., it’s not necessarily an immediate healing, answer, or quick-fix that you need - It’s the knowledge that you are not alone, have never been alone, and you never will be alone, because Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world promises He will never leave you or forsake you. I know the darkness of depression.

I know the fearful grip of anxiety on your precious heart. I know the worse-than-death feeling of having your heart broken. I know. But, I can promise you that what you are actually looking for can only be found in Jesus. That may sound silly, but it’s a promise. Only he will never forsake you, will never fail you, will always love you and understands every ounce and millisecond and heaviness of the pain you are walking through. So, I hope you know this truth. You will be OK because HE is with you."

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