Out Of The Ashes Offer Smokey, Jazzy, Reflective Single 'Crazy Love'

Mar 15 2018

Penny Lyon and Kevin Washburn are the backbone of Gloucestershire-based jazz/blues/gospel clique Out of the Ashes, and have been on a mission to share hope, joy and encouragement through ministry and music. They have just dropped a new video and single titled 'Crazy Love'.

Last year saw them receive extensive support from numerous National media, and regular airplay from BBC Radio 2 for their most recent studio album ‘Fears, Secrets, and Lies’. Their quirky edge has always bought something fresh and zesty to the table, while conveying thought provoking, challenging song writing thanks to lead vocalist Penny Lyon.

Now in 2018 they are strolling back into the scene with yet another masterpiece. ‘Crazy Love’ has a laid back smooth groove which draws you into a smokey room of rich undertones, at the same time as leaning back on an easy chair with a glass of red wine by the fire.

The video showcases a homage to ‘The Last Supper’, with the group all around a table eating and drinking together, whilst reflecting on what the lyrics of the song are really about.

‘Crazy Love’ depicts the essence of what Christianity rests upon, which is the immeasurable love of Jesus Christ who knowingly sacrificed himself on a cross to save humanity.

Penny Lyon said: "The crucifixion of Christ is spoken about on a regular basis; imagery of a cross is always around us in Western society, be it on a pendant or a church building. It is therefore easy to become blinded by the enormity of what it represents, how often do people really think about what Jesus Christ actually went through, and endured for the sake of the world?

Crucifixion is one of the most barbaric forms of execution imaginable, and is still used in some cultures today. A tortuously slow, excruciatingly painful death in as public a manner as its perpetrators can achieve. 2,000 years ago, the Roman soldiers responsible were highly skilled in ensuring that death would be painful and lingering.

Christ knew what would happen, that he would suffer indignity, brutality and unbelievable torture, but endured all of this without one single moment of reproach to anyone.

Extraordinary love to this degree can, surely, only be described as ‘crazy’? It is love beyond our understanding - Crazy Love."

As always, Out of the Ashes put across their message in the most delightful way possible, with intricate production and compelling instrumentation, perfectly paving the way for their fourth studio album due out later this year.

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