Blog: Meet The Integrity Music Worship Leaders Making An Impact In Europe

Sep 26 2017

Last month we brought you an introduction to Integrity Music's new generation of Worship Leaders from the U.S. This time we look at their European counterparts. Read on to find out more about them...

ICF Worship

Buy 'The Journey:
A Collection'

Buy 'The Journey: A Collection' at iTunes US
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Switzerland ICF Worship

ICF Worship has its roots in the ICF Zurich church, founded in 1996 in the largest city in Switzerland.

ICF Worship is not simply a band or a bunch of musicians writing worship songs and performing. It is strongly connected with and focused on the local churches of the ICF Movement and beyond. They aim to write songs that don't just connect with churchgoers but that also speak to someone who is new to the gospel or the church.

ICF Worship are set to release an album titled 'The Journey: A Collection' on 13th October 2017. This year marks 20 years of ICF as a church and this album is a celebration of that with a collection of songs that tells the story of ICF to this point. Their latest single 'Unstoppable' has just been released. Find out more...

Matt Marvane

Buy 'Resistance
The English EP'

Buy 'Resistance The English EP' at iTunes US
Buy 'Resistance The English EP' at iTunes UK

France Matt Marvane

French singer, songwriter, worship leader and mainstream crossover artist Matt Marvane has released his first ever EP in English entitled; 'Resistance The English EP'.

Matt has garnered critical acclaim for his creative approach. On this EP he skillfully combines amazing vocal performance & choral overtones with a modern production style. Matt has also enlisted legendary songwriters and worship leaders Graham Kendrick and Paul Baloche to write these songs with him.

For Matt this year saw the successful release of his third studio album and his debut with Integrity Music ‘Resistance’. However, Resistance is not just the name of his album but a vision for a worship movement that unites Churches across Europe. Matt believes that real change can be made: “I think it's a season where the Church needs to stand firm and make no compromise". Find out more...

Kees Kraayenoord

'Live @ Mozaiek0318'

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Netherlands Kees Kraayenoord

At aged 17 Kees Kraayenoord became involved with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) where he was encouraged to not only develop his musical gifts, but to strengthen his knowledge of Jesus Christ and learn what he could about the heart of worship. The more he grew, the greater his involvement became in Christian music and worship projects.

Kees has opened for Michael W. Smith, Third Day, Delirious? and Tim Hughes, and written songs with Tim Hughes, Martin Smith, Al Gordon, Ben Cantelon and others. From sharing the platform with Tim Hughes, he was asked to help build Worship Central Netherlands, with the aim of training and equipping worship leaders, musicians and worshippers.

Kees has grown in other areas too, becoming a respected speaker. “I hardly speak about worship. I love to speak about being a disciple or talking about brokenness and the fact that God still loves us. I need to hear it and remind myself of it all the time.” In 2013, Kees and his wife Nicole started a church called Mozaiek0318. Find out more...

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