Out Of The Ashes Return With New Album 'Fears, Secrets & Lies'

Nov 10 2016

Out of the Ashes, a pioneering couple from Gloucestershire, are releasing their new album 'Fears, Secrets & Lies' on 18th November.

With star contributions from the likes of Paul Jones (Manfred Mann/ BBC Radio 2 host) on harmonica, Josh Cana (Human League) on bass, and produced by Andy Baker (Philippa Hanna) it is set to be one of the most interesting releases of 2016.

The first single from the new album is '‘Tipped Off The Table' (see video below), a funk inspired 70’s jazz club crowd pleaser. The hammond organ and blasts of muffled brass tease and drive the groove until finally the captivating skills of Paul Jones on harmonica take it to its zenith. However don’t be fooled by the sweet toe-tapping funk - Penny Lyon’s lyrics hit hard; challenging our readiness to step out for our faith, "...Now when I tip off the table; I’ll take a bigger jump. My confidence in you has grown; so I jump from higher up."

The other tracks follow that lead; the fantastic jazz musicality and lyrics with a sting in their lyrical tail; the title track ‘Fears, Secrets & Lies’ gives a warning against how “The devil’s work will always thrive// On fear secrets and lies” while there is sanctuary in the slower percussion brushes of ‘Good Place To Be’ “But I’m in Your hands, And that’s a good, good place to be.” She tackles the obstacles and questions of a living faith in God, calling for the church to ‘Wake Up’ and is full of confidence in the wonder of the gospel in ‘Crazy Love’, ‘So Silently’ and ‘The Tired Donkey Song.’

This is an intriguing release that makes strong Christian assertions in a refreshingly jazzy and bluesy format. It captures both the familiar and the innovative in a smooth and excellently produced package that will be a favourite across the country and also a massive encouragement for congregations together.

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