Dallas Based Rock Band Abacu5 To Release Full-Length Album

Nov 09 2016

Abacu5, a rock band based in Dallas, Texas, are planning to release their first full-length album, 'A Long Way to Begin', early next year.

"This summer we decided to put all our efforts into making a full-length album", confirmed the band.

"We financed the album ourselves and used a gofundme campaign to help with the post production costs. It was recorded in Ft. Worth with producer Geoff Rockwell and features 14 original songs. The title of the album is 'A Long Way to Begin'. The title summarizes how we feel about our experience thus far, we’ve been at it 5 years but feel like we’re just now getting started."

The band have been together since 2010 and played shows around and around the world. In December 2014 they were invited to be the guest artist at Shanghai American School in China. They worked with middle school students and performed with them at their concert to end the semester.

Abacu5 released their first single, Exactly, in summer of 2014, and a second single, What I Said, in February 2016. They're currently finishing recording their full length album at Wavelight Studios.

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