Blog: LTTM Awards 2013 - No. 12: Newsboys - Restart

Dec 20 2013

Voted in at Number 12 in the LTTM Awards 2013 is the album 'Restart' from Newsboys.

Released:10 Sep 2013

Track Listing:
01. That's How You Change The World
02. Restart
03. Love Like I Mean It
04. Live With Abandon
05. Go Glow
06. That Home
07. Disaster
08. Fishers Of Men
09. One Word
10. Enemy
11. We Believe
12. Overflow (Deluxe Bonus)
13. Man On Fire [feat. Kevin Max] (Deluxe Bonus)
14. God Is Movin' (Deluxe Bonus)
15. The Living Years [feat. Kevin Max] (Deluxe Bonus)
16. Stronger (Deluxe Bonus)

It seems as though since former DC Talk member Michael Tait took over as lead singer of Newsboys, the band have been going from strength to strength. First up there was the brilliant 'Born Again' (2010), and then they followed it up with the worship-focused 'God's Not Dead' (2011). Now the band...
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