Long Lost Ben Okafor Track About Nelson Mandela To Be Released As Single

Oct 03 2013

A track recorded by Reggae singer/songwriter Ben Okafor in 1989 but unavailable for over 20 years is to finally be made available again following it's release as a digital single by Plankton Records in the UK next week.

'Mandela', described as a "powerful" and "classic" Ben Okafor song, explores the plight of Nelson Mandela who was a prisoner of the South African regime and a figurehead of the ongoing struggle against apartheid.

In 1989 Ben Okafor released an album in the UK called 'NKIRU', featuring Ben's usual captivating and passionate songs of protest, freedom, justice and faith all from a Christian perspective.

The UK album release was short lived but the album was picked up by a US CCM label and was re-released in 1991 but with three of the original removed and replaced with newer recordings.

"We think with the discovery of these recordings that they deserved to be re-released and for people to hear them at last or rediscover them", says Keith Dixon at Plankton Records.

"Apart from being a fascinating historical insight into the late 80's there is no escaping the fact that Mandela is a classic Ben Okafor song!"

'Mandela' is to be released worldwide on 7th October as a digital single and will be available on all major music download sites including iTunes and Amazon.

'Mandela' Track Listing:
1. Mandela
2. Stay With Me

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