Featured Artist: ToddZero

Jun 03 2013

ToddZero loved music since he was a kid so he got a few guitar lessons and he was off playing in a million bands which then played at a million small venues all the way from clubs to churches. But, after a number of years it was apparent that a career in music was not panning out, so he turned his interests to the business world building a company from a one-man operation to one earning multi-seven figures per year. Unfortunately, along the way music got put on the back burner. "There was a several-year stretch there where I didn't even touch an instrument or sing in the shower".

All that changed in 2010. A friend of ToddZero owned some recording equipment and he and ToddZero started recording songs. "It was fun at first. But then the bug hit me. And what started out as merely a hobby turned into a full blown calling. I dove head first into the process, purchasing my own recording gear and learning to engineer a record myself. Fortunately, some people took an interest and took me under their wing like former Capitol Records A&R head Loren Israel (Neon Trees, Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T's) and Nashville, Tenn. mix engineer Lee Bridges (MercyMe, Newsboys, Chris Tomlin). "

By 2012 ToddZero was ready to release his first batch of songs. "It was exhilirating and scary at the same time because it forced me to ponder one simple question: Who was going to listen?" ToddZero recalls "So what if I was a fairly successful guy in the business community, a father and husband who decided to return to his long lost passion and focus his time and energy into making music? With all the changes that had happened in the music industry -- ipods instead of CDs, YouTube instead of MTV -- and amidst all the sea of music out there -- who would even care that yet another dreamer was writing songs?"

ToddZero needn't have worried. In May of 2012 he released his '1234567 EP' and -- inexplicably -- a few people took notice. Out of nowhere, it got hand picked by NoiseTrade.com to appear on their `New & Notable` home page. Building on that momentum, positive blogosphere press rolled in from around globe with Louder Than The Music raving "5 out of 5 stars... brilliant!".

100s of stations added the single "Freedom in You" to make it Westar Media Group/CRW Radio Promotions` biggest single of the year with well over a million people tuning in. Before long, the song and video for "Made" caught the attention of manager Steve Rennie (Incubus) who invited ToddZero to play on The Renman Show which then got his music into the hands of DJ Nicole Alvarez from the World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles who was, in her own words, "smitten." The year rounded out well for ToddZero after being nominated for LTTM Awards "Best New Artist and "Best EP".

So back into the studio he went. ToddZero decided to write and record a full length album this time digging deep into personal topics such as lost youth and innocence, as well as spiritual themes of salvation, redemption and homecoming. Before the second album was even done, a couple songs leaked out. "We Will Win" ended up being selected as the backing track for Los Angeles television station KTLA Chanel 5's nightly sports newscast due to its anthemic feel. "Kid Heart" started gaining immediate airplay on iHeartRadio's Los Angeles radio station Moheak.

KID HEART is the second official release but first full length album. ToddZero goes on to explain "And it's time to face my fears once again. Despite any momentum that the 7 song EP may have created, it's going to take a lot of courage to continue to the climb, open up to the world, risk rejection, and a whole bunch of other insecurities. But for now, it seems, it's working to follow this path to find my "kid heart."

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