Shawn McDonald Releases Greatest Hits With A Difference: 'The Analog Sessions'

Mar 26 2013

Shawn McDonald has released a Greatest Hits album with a difference. 'The Analog Sessions' is a collection of nine re-recorded via live-to-tape hits and fan favorites, plus two brand new tunes.

"When you release a traditional greatest hits record these days, usually people just go to iTunes to download the new songs, so the idea was to re-record everything to give the songs a fresh and different approach," McDonald shares.

The personal message of McDonald's spiritual journey takes center stage on 'The Analog Sessions', especially in light of this distinctive live-to-tape recording format.

"I hope listeners hear the heart of these songs in this stripped down format," he shares. "I think longtime fans will enjoy hearing a new feel for the songs they've fallen in love with over the years, and for newer fans, this project can also be an introduction of where we came from."

"There were no computers, just tape machines, vintage amps, crazy old keyboards and I even sang on a microphone Frank Sinatra used for years."

The lead single 'What Are You Waiting For' finds McDonald playing the role of an encourager who urges believers to never stand on the sidelines or watch life pass them by, but rather, live life to the fullest without fear.

'The Analog Sessions' Track Listing:
1. Eyes Forward
2. What Are You Waiting For
3. Gravity
4. Closer
5. Through It All
6. Rise
7. Captivated
8. Beautiful
9. The Space Between
10. Take My Hand
11. All I Need
12. What Are You Waiting For (radio)
13. Through It All (radio)

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