ToddZero Releases Debut '1234567' EP As Free Download

Apr 26 2012

California based singer/songwriter ToddZero has released his debut EP '1234567'. The Orange Country artist wrote all of the songs and performs every instrument, except drums, by himself on the independently released self-produced and self-engineered EP recorded in his home studio.

"I simply have to get this music out there to the general public" explains Todd. "So I basically taught myself how to record and engineer an entire album. I didn't really know how to do any of this beforehand.

I'm extremely pleased with the results of this record. For better or worse, at least my foray into the world of music is my own thing. Stylistically, I don't think people will be able to say I`m like this or that. And that uniqueness is what people really respond to."

Melding a sound of natural instruments like the acoustic guitar and ukulele with warm buzz fuzz sounds, ToddZero has crafted a unique voice and vision for his music. Responding to the changes in the music industry and what he calls "the death of retail CD sales", ToddZero decided to give away all of his music for free in exchange for an email and zip code.

Visit ToddZero's website to download the EP.

'1234567 EP' Track Listing:
1. Dave
2. Freedom in You
3. Made
4. Hallelujah Chorus
5. No, No, No
6. Who is This?
7. No More in Heaven

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