Singer Lindsey To Launch 'Mums The Word' Charity With Fundraising Gig

Mar 10 2011

British singer/songwriter Lindsey has formed a new charity with her husband Tom titled 'Mums The Word'. The charity aims to collect baby clothes, from newborn to 5 years, and distribute them to babies in need abroad. To help launch the charity, Lindsey has gathered together a group of her musician friends for a Mums The Word Fundraiser Gig at The Bedford in London on 17th April. Acts performing at the event include Marli Harwood (Radio 2 song of the week), Chris Madin (Strictly Come Dancing singer), Shane Beales and Lindsey who is currently recording her new EP as the follow up to her 'This Is Lindsey' album.

"A few years a go I went to Romania with a team", explains Lindsey Cleary. "We visited a lot of street families and gypsy communities and on one trip distributed clothes to children. A baby we met was soaked in urine up to his elbows, we were able to take off the wet baby grow and replace it with a fresh one from the van. I also met a little girl who we suspected was a prostitute, probably about 9 years old. I gave her a second hand Marks and Spencer school uniform, she ran straight behind a tree and put it on. She smiled for the rest of our time there and didn't let go of my hand. She looked like a happy little girl all of a sudden. Those two moments I don't think I'll ever forget.

Every 3 months or so babies seem to grow out of their clothes. These are often passed down or eBayed or given to charity shops. All great ways of recycling old clothes. And now there's a new way - Mums The Word will distribute your clothes for you. We will take pictures and video of the clothes being given out on each trip so you can actually get the satisfaction of seeing your childs clothes go in to the hands of those in need. I'm currently planning our first trip, looking to be a multi drop off in Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade."

For more information visit the Mums The Word Facebook Page.

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