Kristian Stanfill Readies Second Album 'Mountains Move'

Dec 14 2010

Kristian Stanfill will release his second album 'Mountains Move' on 11th January 2011. Produced by Jason Ingram (Tenth Avenue North, MercyMe, Sanctus Real) and Rusty Varenkamp (Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman), the songs featured on 'Mountains Move' stand ready to bring hope and a voice to people and churches all over the world. The album will include tracks such as 'Always' and the first single 'Day After Day'.

"These songs are about having faith in God", Stanfill notes, "and believing that God is who He says He is, no matter what our circumstances are. There's a beautiful phrase: 'Let's stop living according to the size of our issues and start living according to the size of our God.' That's really what the record is saying. The situation might seem impossible, really bleak and dark right now, but remember how big our God is. Remember His promises. That gives you hope."

Most recently known for his energetic and powerful song 'Say Say', featured on the 'Passion: Awakening' album, 'Mountains Move' represents a significant departure for Stanfill from many years of songwriting solo. He stepped outside of his comfort zone and fully embraced the concept of co-writing, as he teamed up with Dove Award winning songwriter Jason Ingram, Grammy Award nominated artist Chris Tomlin and Hillsong's Reuben Morgan.

"If I were completely honest," Stanfill confesses, "I think part of writing solo was my pride holding onto that process a little bit too tightly. I learned this year that when you let other people in the process, when you get a team around you, it becomes so much more fun."

'Mountains Move' Track Listing:
1. Lord Almighty
2. Day After Day
3. Say, Say
4. You Will Reign
5. My Reward
6. Like A Lion
7. Always
8. Holding My World
9. Be With You Forever
10. Over All The Earth
11. We Glorify Your Name

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