The Word66 Joined By Queen Bassist on 'Faith Is The Key'

Jul 09 2024

The Christian rock band, The Word66 are back with a new track called 'Faith Is The Key,' set to be released on 07/04/24. They are calling it an "anthem track," that will surely get an arena filled with fans, enthusiastically singing along. The beautifully crafted CD cover depicts the classic battle of good vs. evil.

Once again, the band has enlisted the services of well know rocker, Danny Miranda from Queen and Blue Oyster Cult fame, to lay down some more epic bass lines that were featured in the bands last EP 'Rock & Roll Preaching, 'making this another instant rock classic.

Being a crossover rock band, The Word66 has attained much global success charting all over the world on Christian, various rock, metal and indie charts. This is the bands 9th release, with all but one track attaining the #1 spot on said charts.

The video was shot in an iconic location in their home town of Las Vegas. The artsy, graffiti walls and floors add an aura of true rock ambience, tailor made for this occasion. Sadly, this will be the last video ever to be shot there as it is currently under construction and being torn down as we speak.

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