Johan Asgarde Presents A Brand New Inspirational Song 'Come On In'

Jun 20 2024

'Come On In' is the first international single being released by the Swedish artist and worship leader Johan Åsgärde. In the fall of 2017, Johan co-wrote a lot of songs that were colored by an encounter he had with the Lord that same year. Songs that tell of our identity in Christ and call for our surrender to His perfect love, and “Come on in” is no exemption” from that. It’s a heart cry to Jesus to have it all. A song that starts small but grows into a heartfelt anthem: “Come on in and take me over, come on in and have my heart. Tomorrow’s freedom is today's surrender. Come on in! come on in!

The recording has a live and authentic feeling to it and you can hear the crowd voices fill the room in the background. The line “Tomorrow’s freedom is today's surrender” might explain the core of this song better than anything else. In Johan's own words;

“In my deepest and most hurtful place in life God's love and power crashed in over me. It was like waves of love and mercy that showered over me until I accepted His truth as my truth, and I was truly set free. I found freedom in perfect surrender.

The song was written by Johan Åsgärde and Sean Curran (Passion, Bellarive) back in 2017. Released by David Media on the Swedish worship album Identity in 2019.

“Come On In “ is the first single out of 3 coming out during the summer of 2024. The next singles are: “Who you are” and “Freedom has a name” (Feat Cornelia Sander). Meanwhile, Johan is working together with his team on more songs to be released in the fall of this year.

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