JusJames Is Looking to Make the Most Out of His Gift of 'Time'

Jun 11 2024

Releasing to digital streaming platforms on May 31, 2024, Time is an introspective record from California artist JusJames.

Scripture tells us that there is a perfect time for all things. Whether it is bringing forth new life or lying down in death; tearing down or building up; laughing or mourning each one has their moment. If we are honest, how often does God have to wait for our schedule to allow us to squeeze Him in? The old saying is that we make time for what is important to us. What does your Time choices say about your priorities?

“This record will challenge the listener to spend more time with God, whether it be through prayer or in the word of God.” - JusJames

With a message of evaluating how we choose to occupy our time, Time is the follow-up release to JusJames’ acclaimed single “The Light (Brokenfinga Remix)” that dropped in April of this year via Polished Arrow Music. The consistency of P.A. pushes the artists on its roster to continuously grow in their craft. This drive is on full display with the release of Time as JusJames is joined by fellow labelmates Procyse and Rich Colón.

As many individuals occupy their time with various things, most prove by their actions that they have little to give to God. The trio of Polished Arrow emcees throw down the challenge to change our habits and focus on the One who is worthy of having our time being devoted to.

Produced by Elan Brio and engineered by iNTELLECT, Time glides through the speakers with smooth, laidback West Coast vibes.

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