Michael Stosic Brings a Message of Hope in His New Single 'You're Not Alone'

Jun 05 2024

Reno-based Christian singer and songwriter Michael Stosic has released his new single “You’re Not Alone” from his album “The God Who Named the Stars.” The song is a powerful reminder of hope in times of darkness, and serves as an inspiring message of resilience and strength.

Michael was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness in February 2021, and decided to use this difficult time to channel his feelings into songwriting. With twelve new songs to his name, he set out to tell a story that would connect with people around the world and bring them comfort during uncertain times.

The lyrics are simple yet profound as they speak to anyone who is facing hard times; “Are you feeling lost deep in your despair. Does your broken heart seem hurt beyond repair. Does this broken world we live in seem unfair. You’re not alone.” These lyrics serve as a reminder that through faith, no one is truly ever alone in their struggles, but rather have access to an infinite source of strength within themselves and a reason to hold on to hope, as Michael sings, “It’s the purpose of the Lord that will weather the storm, so just hang on, in this unknown, you’re not alone.”

You’re Not Alone begins with Michael sounding completely alone with just his vocal and acoustic guitar, then builds systematically through each verse and chorus until the final bridge and choruses where Michael is joined by a full orchestra, complete with electric guitars, horns, strings and a choir.

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