Chris Whittington Delivers Personal Reflection on 'Psalm 139'

May 29 2024

Texas based musician and worship leader Chris Whittington returns to the airwaves to deliver his personal reflection on Psalm 139. The guitar-driven melody revives the heartfelt worship of the 70’s singer-songwriter tradition. Lush instrumentation surrounds and completes this much loved Psalm from the upcoming REALITORIUM release.

REALITORIUM is a revival rhythm for your soul. It’s a deep dive into all things rock n roll, spiritually reflective, and theology-driven. Here you will find a collection of tunes with the essence of worship and praise, backed up by a solid tradition of musicianship crafted with industry favorite icons. Chris Whittington has realigned with producer Kemper Crabb, along with musicians Phil Keaggy and Fletch Wiley, to siren a spiritually strengthening, unforgettable musical download.

Over two decades of musical development, under and behind the spotlight, has crafted this creative message with a brilliant purpose: revelation. It has been worth the wait. Musical contemporaries of Chris Whittington point out his solid guitar-based foundation, but his synergy of craft and creation come together in musically magical moments on this premier release. Go ahead and sing along, but expect a further transformation to deeper thoughts of divine mysteries and depth.

His music moves you towards a clarity of truth and dawning of hope. Let it reveal and inspire you through a bright portal. Chris has been a musician and worship leader in Texas for over two decades. As an accompanist with Kemper Crabb in his musical ventures, including the PBS favorite, Down in Yon Forest, he has been a troubadour for truth on-stage and in the studio.

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