Ellie Holcomb Releases New Album 'All of My Days' & Performs On The Opry

Apr 13 2024

Award-winning songwriter Ellie Holcomb has released a special new project, All of My Days, which is a Psalms-based album. This beautiful collection of curated scripture has carried her personally through difficult times. View the live acoustic video for the title track below.

What began as snippets of scripture penned to melodies on her social media channels, Holcomb expands on her “Memory Mondays” for her latest musical endeavor with seven beautiful and thoughtfully penned songs based on her favorite Psalms. Holcomb once again partnered with her dad and award-winning producer Brown Bannister as well as her keys player and friend Jac Thompson.

“Over the years, I’ve found this raw authenticity and spaciousness that I’ve clung to in the Psalms time and time again, which has made me always want to make a Psalms record," shares Ellie Holcomb. "I’ve always been drawn to David and his honesty. I couldn’t believe this ‘man after God’s own heart’ made some of the decisions that he did. He was a total disaster in so many ways, and yet, he came full of doubt, mess, praise, and repentance into the presence of God. I think it was the permission to be HUMAN, to struggle, to doubt, to need reminders of what is true, and to find a resounding, yes it is okay to be human, time and time again in the Psalms.”

Coinciding with this project is the April 16th release of her devotional, Fighting Words: Expanded Limited Edition which features ten bonus devotionals, new interior flourishes, and an extra art piece inside. Seven Psalms included in the expanded edition will have a song to accompany it from All of My Days.

Celebrating her album release, Holcomb will appear again on the historic stage of the Grand Ole Opry tonight performing from All of My Days. Check out Opry.com for tickets or ways to watch her performance tonight or tune into the Opry radio channel WSM.

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