From The Ground Up Release 'Into the Good Light' EP

Feb 26 2024

From The Ground Up, an Indie Christian Band from Manchester, UK with a collective ambition to write quality, authentic songs that bring glory to God, have released their debut EP, 'Into the Good Light'.

Having released their first three singles worldwide through Wings Access, they have seen direct recognition and support on social media from the likes of Leeland and We The Kingdom, and made their way onto more than 450 playlists and have been listened to by approximately 3000 unique listeners, listening an average of 4.1 times.

Their Debut EP opens with the guitar led, Joni Mitchell-esqe 'All I Need'. The song begins with an antiquated but fresh sounding folk riff, and opens up by declaring that He is all we need. That is followed by latest single 'Oh What A Saviour', which similarly opens up into anthemic proclamation in the latter part of the song.

Thirdly, new song 'Reside' brings the listener into a cooler winter ambience of rain and birds with close piano and intimate vocals, before they propel the listener into a brand new Radio Edit of 'Sweet Honey', bringing more colour and summer vibes into the EP. Finally, there is a Spring Mix version of their popular debut single, 'Open Arms', which makes more use of synths along with a more fresh and acoustic led sound.

"After losing our Dad to Covid-19 in December 2020, we decided to start 'From The Ground Up'", explains the band. "It really helped us to keep our eyes fixed on God through the trials we were going through.

When you go through tragedy, it's important not to do it alone. So we met together as a family more frequently, and out of that time came a natural outpouring of worship. Creatively trying to process what we had been through, we wrote songs of worship and adoration. Songs that pulled us through the dark place we found ourselves in, and moved us back into the good light.

With an eclectic mixture of influences and styles, ‘FTGU’ is not bound by one particular ‘sound’, but instead writing in freedom and with God at the centre."

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