John Pape Releases 'Only Sovereign Lord'

Feb 12 2024

John Pape, an independent, self managed Christian songwriter who creates worship and praise music for seekers and believers in the church, has released 'Only Sovereign Lord.'

"This song expresses both my love for songwriting and faith. It is part of the newly released album 'Called to Worship'", he explains.

"Only Sovereign Lord" is a contemporary Christian worship song crafted to inspire and lead people into the presence of God. With dynamic melody and heartfelt lyrics, this single serves as the ideal soundtrack for personal devotion.

"In writing "Only Sovereign Lord," I poured my heart into each lyric and melody. I drew inspiration from the Bible and prayer. This song is a worship offering that focuses on spiritual truth and reflections of faith.

The music of "Only Sovereign Lord" is intended for church worship services, providing congregations with songs to express their love and adoration for God. The song encourages listeners to encounter the God, offering a connection with the Almighty and experience a profound sense of spiritual awakening."

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