Jermaine Bollinger Releases 'Hallelujah' Featuring Little Egypt Worship

Jan 17 2024

Salvation Studios proudly presents the launch of "Hallelujah," the new single by Jermaine Bollinger, featuring Little Egypt Worship, now airing on Christian AC, Inspirational, and Worship radio formats. This soul-stirring track is poised to captivate and elevate the hearts of its audience with its profound message and harmonious composition.

Renowned in the Christian music industry, Jermaine Bollinger has a history of chart-topping hits including "Revival," "Set Us Free," and "Beyond." His skill as a multi-instrumentalist is evident in this latest release, reinforcing his status as a versatile and committed musician.

"Hallelujah" reflects Bollinger's deep faith and artistic prowess. Authored by Bollinger, the song's lyrics are imbued with the themes of worship and praise, emphasizing the hope and majesty of the Christian faith.

The collaboration with Little Egypt Worship brings an additional layer of depth to the track, merging their talents to produce a sound that is both spiritually resonant and melodically rich.

Bollinger's musical path is as eclectic as his skills. Mentored by Todd Herreman and enriched by masterclasses from esteemed vocal coaches and musicians, Jermaine has honed a distinctive style that weaves together various musical eras and genres, making his music appealing across different listeners.

Experience the inspiring combination of melody and faith in "Hallelujah" by tuning into Christian radio stations.

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