Faith Head Returns With New Single 'Aberrations of Reality'

Dec 05 2023

Faith Head’s new single "Aberrations of Reality", releasing December 1st, shatters a year-long silence. The first song in host of new music coming in 2024, Faith Head dives down the rabbit hole to confront a society and culture struggling with objective truth and what's reality. Not holding back for the fear of rejection or cancelation, "Aberration of Reality" sets the lyrical tone for the new music to follow.

Leaning into the band's signature groove metal and hook style of riffage that Faith Head is known for live and in the studio, "Aberrations of Reality" delivers the goods in both head banging beats and vocal melody with super shredding guitar leads that separates them from most of their peers. Faith Head fans will surely be bouncing and moshing to this new tune at home and live when the band hits to road to promote their new music in 2024.

Faith Head is a hard rock / progressive metal band from Chattanooga, TN. Faith Head formed in 2016 and has performed regionally, nationally and on radio and television. The band will share the stage with anyone and play almost anywhere. Faith Head claims no specific genre and refuses to be categorized. Lyrically the music addresses religion, cultural polarization and a rotting moral landscape in order to point to hope. Live Faith Head is a straight-up rock show without backing tracks to give the audience a pure, raw live performance with all its unpredictability.

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