Aaron Partridge Releases Poignant New Single 'Strongest Soldiers'

Nov 11 2023

Australian musician and award winning songwriter, Aaron Partridge is excited to announce the brand NEW single “Strongest Soldiers”, his first release after recently signing to US based label Grace Records Nashville. A Rockin' Guitar Driven barn burner with a Gospel Chorus and stories of trial and triumph.

Strongest Soldiers” is a Country-Rock anthem that combines classic story-telling with an uplifting Gospel infused chorus and powerful lyrical hook. Aaron’s new single is a message of hope and uses distinct stories of digging deep, using mortal willpower, grit and finding strength to rise above situations through belief in a God given human resolve.

“We all know someone in similar situations. If you live long enough, most of us have probably been there too.” Aaron says of the characters in Strongest Soldiers, “The single mum working two jobs to provide for her family, the widower trying to keep it together after losing a soulmate, the battler coming back from the brink of self destruction and the farmer working his land amidst harsh times. There’s a little bit of these stories in all of us.”

Strongest Soldiers” is four tales of human resolve and an against-all-odds everyday heroism. Stories of everyday people coming to terms with their situation and looking upwards to find some semblance of encouragement and a God given strength and knowledge that they are not alone in their plight.

So, come along for the ride, sing Hallelujah, give an Amen and remember… “the good Lord saves the hardest trials, for His strongest soldiers.”

Aaron and his band, the Brothers of Redemption, will be performing a limited run of shows to promote his new music in the later half 2023.

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