Lou Fellingham Releases New Single 'You Never Stop Loving Us'

Sep 22 2023

Lou Fellingham has released 'You Never Stop Loving Us', the first single from her forthcoming new album 'Never Stop Loving'. Further singles will be released over the coming months with the final album being available on all platforms in March. The physical CD will be available later this year for those who supported the album's crowdfunding campaign.

Lou Fellingham has been a prominent figure in the Christian music scene for many years, gracing us with a series of solo albums that began with 'Treasure' and culminated in 'Made For You' in Spring 2019.

However, her latest endeavor marks a departure from the conventional path. Instead of relying on the backing of a record label, Lou and her husband Nathan boldly ventured into uncharted territory by drawing on the support of their dedicated fanbase from across the globe. This generous encouragement and Crowdfunded support has birthed a remarkable new album, aptly titled "NEVER STOP LOVING."

Over the past three and a half years, Lou and Nathan have faithfully led hundreds of people in worship every week through their live Worship Wednesday sessions online. This consistent opportunity for people to draw closer to God in worship has served as a lifeline for many, and it's a pivotal part of the story behind why over 400 people enthusiastically contributed to this crowdfunding project. With support from her fanbase here in the UK, as well as from France, Sweden, Italy, The Netherlands, Canada, USA and Australia, this global CrowdFunder project has facilitated the recording and release of this unique album. Witnessing God's faithfulness and hearing the stories of how their ministry has touched the lives of believers and non-believers worldwide has been a profoundly impactful experience for them.

Drawing from Romans 8, the reality of the love of God initiated towards humanity is expressed through the title track's simple but infectious chorus, ‘Oh no, You never stop loving us.’ With a soul stirring gospel choir, along with the warm tones of brass and Hammond organ, Lou Fellingham masterfully draws listeners into a profound and powerful meditation on the love of God.

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