B. Chase Williams and Shabach Set To Release 'Power of God' Single

Jun 20 2023

B. Chase Williams and Shabach are among the nation's most notable choirs. The Atlanta-based league of singers and musicians has delivered melodic anthems and soul-stirring contemporary Gospel hit songs for thirty years. Choirmaster and founder B. Chase Williams has trained and mentored his singers into atmosphere changers who desire to build community, fellowship, and a passion for worship.

From their debut hit album TAKE A TRIP (1995) to their viral hit single "The Birthday Anthem," B. Chase and Shabach are Gospel music's most consistent and pristine choirs, who have a playful personality but are serious about saving souls. "We are much older, seasoned, balanced, and spiritually mature since we began this journey as a choir. We have definitely become more liberated in our approach to ministry," says B. Chase.

The choir is preparing to release their all-new album this year - CHASing THE NEXT CHAPTER. The first single from their forthcoming and highly anticipated album is "Power of God."

"Power of God" is written by award-winning songwriter Jason Clayborn. Shabach delivers "Power of God" with high energy and ambition. B. Chase vocally leads the song and activates an uplifting and praise-driven atmosphere for listeners.

"I want this song and this album to light a FIRE inside of our listeners for more of God and to ignite a passion to GET UP AND FINISH STRONG!" B. Chase expresses.

"Power of God" has made its way to Gospel radio now and will be available on all digital outlets Friday, June 16. CHASing THE NEXT CHAPTER is set to release this fall.

You can experience B. Chase Williams and Shabach and their new single live at CHOIRS ROCK. The CHOIRS ROCK concert will feature Shabach, Voices of Victory Choir of VCC, Bradley Webb & AOPFC, Sir Jerry Saddler & SOP, REHAB Cathedral Choir, E. Tony Gaines & Victory, Bryan Coleman & Zion, Kevin Styles & Psalms, and EPIC Choir. The concert is free to the public on July 14 at 9PM at Clarkson First Baptist Church, 3999 Church St., Clarkston, GA.

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