Geoffrey Gyesi Releases Debut Single 'I'm Running'

Jun 08 2023

Singer-Songwriter Geoffrey Gyesi has just released his long-awaited debut single ‘I’m Running’ - an upbeat summer love song straight from the heart all about running back to God - Elohim. A real feelgood summer soundtrack for those long drives to the beach, garden parties and barbecues guaranteed to get everyone up singing and dancing.

The first of a series of planned releases in coming months ‘I’M RUNNING’ introduces the distinct warm vocal tones of new artist Geoffrey Gyesi (pronounced Jeffery Jesse) and Mary-Ann. The themes he explores in his songs cover Love, Life and God, touching each listener in a relatable way regardless of age, genre or background. “I’m hoping to help people see the beauty and joy of God in our everyday life, rather than the autocratic boring and detached picture we are fed by both the media and religious fanatics” says Geoffrey.

Geoffrey’s sound is an exciting and inspiring blend of Folk, Country, Soul & Pop - think Corinne Bailey Rae, Jake Isaac and Mumford & Sons all coming together in a collaboration. With perhaps a lil touch of Carly Ray Jepsen thrown in for good measure.

Growing up Geoffrey’s focus was on sports rather than music, becoming a semi-pro player for Clapton FC under 18s. Football continues to play a part in his life, along with his love of dancing. Geoffrey picked up music in Sixth Form joining Havering Sixth Form choir. Subsequently he learned to play the guitar in order to begin writing his own songs.

Geoffrey cites as his musical influences Dolly Parton and Sam Cooke from his father’s collection of Soul and Country music cassettes he grew up listening to. His mum and sisters loved Magic Radio so he came to appreciate the slow jams of Lionel Richie and Billy Joel. Another huge influence was Whitney Houston whose vocals inspired him to sing a greater range hitting some real high notes. The rest, as they say, is history! History in the making - starting here & now with the release of ‘I’m Running’.

Geoffrey plans to keep exploring his favourite topics of Love, Life and God while not limiting himself to a specific genre as an artist. More single and video releases are scheduled so expect to hear a lot more from Geoffrey Gyesi!

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