Dustin Starks Returns With New Single 'See Like That'

Feb 28 2023

Dustin Starks, is a solo artist whose goal is to always be open, honest, and relatable through his music. His latest single 'See Like That' has just been released, available now on all streaming platforms.

In an interview with Louder Than The Music Dustin said, "I want people to be encouraged through my music. To hear the vulnerability and realize it's okay to be have struggles and questions. That it's those moments that will actually draw us closer to Jesus and strengthen our faith. I plan to release at least 3-4 new songs this year and the collective album of all the songs I've released the past couple years."

Explaining what first led him to record music, Dustin explains, "My parents got divorced at a younger age and that played a big toll on me. A lot of confusion, frustration, hurt, and anger started to build inside of me from a young age. I struggled with feeling unwanted. I was picked on as a child for having tourrettes (a involuntary neurological disorder, in which one has muscle spasms). This made it hard for me to fit in. I felt alone l, as if nobody wanted me. Than one day I went to a Christian concert and it was at that moment that I gave my life to a savior who wanted me and gave His life for me. I knew that music was where God wanted me. I didn't really know what that would entail at the time however.

Years went by and I started a band with my high school friends called Berean Band. We did that for a few years and it was a ton of fun, but it still just never felt right. As time went by that slowly faded off and I was left alone as a solo musician.

This brought back a lot of the same struggles from my childhood. I felt alone again. I didn't understand what God was doing in my life and why. I didn't quite know what direction God wanted me to go with my music, so I ventured into a lot of different sounds and styles trying to find my mold. I came up with the stage name World Behind. World Behind went on for a few years and we had some great things come out of it, but it still just never felt like me 100%.

Finally I decided to do some acoustic sets with my acoustic guitar and the feedback was amazing! For the first time I had felt like I found my niche. Over a period of about a year I slowly transitioned into my new style and new sound. Thus, Dustin Starks music was born. I am pretty excited with the direction things are going.

The heart and mission of my music is to change lives. I want people to hear my songs and be able to relate and be changed by them. But I also want this to go further than just the music. I want to connect with people on a real level. To be transparent, to see my scars, my bruises, and where God has brought me. I don't want to be fake, and I want to be able to help people in their need. God's mercy and grace is so amazing, and I want others to experience that through me."

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